New Spider-Man Movie Photos

3 May

Here are a few new pics taken from the set of next summer’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot, aptly titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

Here is a promotional image sony released a few months back revealing the new look for Spidey.

These next few pics show the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield (The Social Network).

Here are a few taken during some action sequences. They give a pretty good look at the new costume. I’m feeling it.

And last..

This might be our first look at the films rumored villain, The Lizard. There are also a few Oscorp pictures floating around the web too. I find it highly doubtful that Osborn will be the goblin in this film but it would be nice if he is at least in it, establishing him as the crazy, cutthroat and cold arch nemesis to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Anyone who enjoys recent Marvel Comics knows that Osborn is too good of a character to just use once in a movie. If you don’t believe me check out Dark Reign.



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