Marcos To Collaborate with Soul Kidz, The Circus House, Emmett Collins & More on AIFA album!

26 Nov
Lara Gallegos, Marcos Garibay and Felicia Gallegos Pettis

Lara Gallegos, Marcos Garibay and Felicia Gallegos Pettis

As Marcos starts getting deeper into the music half of his A is for Authentic project he has begun collaborations with other artists to help round out the sound of the latin flavored album.  The Merengue inspired Trouble collaboration with Lara Gallegos from Soul Kidz is just one three total Soul Kidz collaborations on the project.  In the next few weeks Marcos will get in the studio with Lara’s sister Felicia on an track that Marcos described as “soulful, latin, lively and crucial to the album and the story I’m trying to tell”.  The third collaboration with Soul Kidz will be on a 3ball and Rumba inspired dance track that Marcos says “will blow people away”.

In addition to the Soul Kidz collaborations Marcos has collaborated on a track with Emmett Collins titled HolographicLove and the Merengue dance “How We Get Down”.  “How We Get Down” also features 10 other artists on it in addition to Marcos and Emmett!  And last, Marcos and Armando have finally brought both of their creative juices together on a track that features both of their production as well as the Circus House.  “I’m excited about all of these songs but there is something about this song I’m doing with my brother and The Circus House that feels fantastic.  This one is infectious.”  said Marcos about the Circus House collaboration.

Stay tuned for sound clips, video and more news in the near future as Marcos moves forward on this new and exciting project!



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