Fantastic Commercial by Coke Results in Crazy Racism

5 Feb

Although I’m not much of a soda drinker I can still appreciate the warm hearted message in this ad that aired last Sunday during some sports match.  Here is the ad:

Now check out some of the racist comments that have been coming out as a result.  How is this happening in 2014?  As discouraging as these tweets are there are plenty of replies from people who are not threatened by other languages/cultures/family types.  My favorite is the Miss Kansas, who represents her state like a perfect Kansas stereotype: “Nothing about that #CokaCola commercial was American…”.  The responses on her page are hilarious, one of my favorite is this one that says ” Can you order all @Starbucks drinks “small, medium or large?” I don’t think drinks should be ordered in Italian.”  Fantastic.




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