11 Mar

Check out the music video for This is How We Get Down right now!


A short film by The Blackout Beat Production Company out of Denver, Colorado for a new song titled This is How We Get Down. The video was shot entirely on an iPhone as an experiment. This announcement song is this first taste of producer / artist/ song writer, Marcos Garibay’s upcoming album due in May of 2014.

Download song for FREE here: https://soundcloud.com/marcostheblackoutbeat/this-is-how-we-get-down

Enter chapter one to producer, artist, and song writer Marcos Garibay’s musical adventure. Allow us to submit: This is How We Get Down; a bold, spicy, and infectious moment in time, painted on a latin canvas, over merengue rhythms and constructed by an almost bizzare combination of artists from who reside in many corners of the musical genre spectrum. This song is the first to be heard, the first to be seen and may likely be, the most danced to composition from this album by Marcos and The Blackout Beat

For more information on The Blackout Beat please check out the links bellow:



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