Marcos to Teach After School Dance Club. Here are The Details.

29 Sep

Starting next Monday Marcos Garibay will be teaching his Blackout Beat Dance Club at a Commerce City elementary school, where Marcos also teaches reading to Kindergarden, 1st and 4th grade.  The class (which will take place after school, twice a week) will include a guided meditation, stretch, line dance warm up (think Cupid Shuffle) and then choreography. The club will tackle a new song chosen by Marcos and the students each week.   “As someone who grew up as a dancer in my family dance group and someone in the unique position of seeing how hard some of these young kids really have it, I can say that this is something we need.  Kids need things to pour themselves into, something that can be their escape from their own reality.  It’s my hope that I can provide this with my class.”   Said Marcos Garibay about his Blackout Beat Dance Club.


“Working on stuff for my first after school dance club that starts next week. These cool kids are gonna get very familiar with my favorite song off the new MJ record.”

As if the above description was not enough, Marcos will also be expanding the musical palate of his students at the end of each class.  “Before we end the class, as the kids drink their drinks and snack on their snacks, I will introduce them to a new genre of music or a new artists they would not typically be exposed to.  I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around all sorts of different music.  I think it has done a lot to help me creatively as a producer, song writer and artist.  I want to introduce these kids to Salsa, Bachata, Flamenco, Swing, Funk, and artist and song writers I admire.  It might also be a cool way to introduce them to new up and coming groups like the Circus House and The Past is Prologue (laughing).  ”  Said Marcos Garibay.



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