Timbaland Reuniting with Ginuine and Missy?

20 Nov

10394045_10153034752160348_2063208235919206335_nFollowing the disaster that was The Lifetime Network’s unauthorized Aaliyah movie, Timbaland began posting a barrage of pics, memes and that mocked the made for TV film.  Additionally, Timbo also posted a few pics with him, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott and group shots of the famous “Basement Crew”.  What is he hinting at?? Could it be the return of The Super Friends on a song to honor Aaliyah?  Maybe Ginuwine and Missy will appear on Tim’s new album or perhaps, the best of all possibilities: could they be working on a brand new full length project together?


I’m not sure I can even process how great it would be to hear new music from Missy and Ginuwine produced by Timbo but I also don’t want to get my hopes up.  I’ve been eagerly waiting since Ginuwine’s third album, The Life for a project that had the same elements in terms of song writing and production, that made The Bachelor and 100% two of my favorite albums of all time.  We did get the underplayed Get Involved from Ginuwine’s 2010 album A Man’s Thought’s and eventually the leaked Hate To Love You, but those songs did little quench the thirst of Basement fans.   Hopefully Timbaland reveals details soon and hopefully those details involve project announcements!  We will be following this one closely so be sure to check back for more info.



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