About The Blackout Beat

@ The Blackout Beat Recording Studio

Producers Armando & Marcos Garibay in The Blackout Beat Recoriding Studio

The Blackout Beat is a full service music production company that provides multimedia entertainment for the Twitter generation.  Although The Blackout Beat provides entertainment in many formats, music is at the heart of the company. Founders, Marcos and Armando Garibay have spent years creating a sound that they hope will one day redefine what is considered mainstream!

The Blackout Beat was started in 2002 by Marcos & Armando Garibay immediately after Marcos’ high school graduation. Marcos also started a lawn service to fund the young production company. Eventually, lawn mowing and many fundraisers led to a professional studio. However, it took a few more years before Marcos and his brother Armando developed their signature sound that attracts recording artists from all over the country. In the last 7 years Marcos and Armando have produced several songs for many artists from cities that include San Jose, Boston, San Fransico, and New York City. During this time Marcos and Armando have also released several successful mixtapes, including the very successful This is NOT The Revolution Mixtape, which downloaded in over 16 countries, including the US, The UK, Costa Rica, Japan, and Russia!

Marcos and Armando have also made a name for themselves over the years by the events that they have organized. Salsa Night, Havana Night, The White Party, The Lights Out Concert, and Dancing With The Coyotes were all very successful in 2007. These events have enriched the cultural diversity of South Eastern Colorado while spreading and exposing people to The Blackout Beat sound that Marcos and Armando have created.

One event that occurred more frequently was Salsa Night. For the last 6 years Marcos Garibay has DJ’d, promoted, and organized Pueblo, Colorado’s only Salsa Night, playing the hottest Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton while promoting Blackout artists and releases.

By looking further back it would seem that music and entertainment has been in the Garibay brother’s blood for way before The Blackout Beat existed…

Marcos and Armando grew up as star dancers in their mother, Ramona Garibay’s dance company, Ballet Colores Latinos. The group performed regional Mexican Folklorico, Aztec, Salsa, Merengue, Zoot Suit, Tango, Hip Hop, and Flamenco. Unfortunately Ballet Colores Latinos came to a tragic end in 1998 as three of the groups members died (Ramona Garibay, Mallory Gonzales, and Virgina Chavez) in a one car accident on the way home from a out of state performance in Kansas.

In the last 2 years The Blackout Beat has evolved from a up and coming production company into a multimedia, technically savvy, entertainment source. Aside from producing music, The Blackout Beat has begun making a name for itself with music videos, special concerts, a unique online presence, and other creative promotions. Not only has the business structure of The Blackout Beat evolved, so has the sound.

In the Winter of 2007 Marcos and Armando released their highly anticipated first release: The Blackout Revolution album. The Blackout Revolution was a mainstream fusion of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, New Wave, Flamenco, Salsa, & other world sounds. Not only did The Revolution introduce Marcos & Armando’s sound, it introduced The Blackout Beat recording artists: Reflecshaun, Juan Alvarez, Lexie, and Marcos Garibay. One of the album’s stand out tracks is most arguably After U Left. The Flamenco guitar driven Hip Hop track features Marcos Garibay, Reflecshaun, Juan Alvarez, and Lexie. The track was made into a music video soon after it was announced that it would be the albums last single. After U Left was chosen to be The Revolution’s last single by a online vote where fans picked between two possible singles.

Aside from the projects listed above Marcos and Armando Garibay have gained much notoriety in 2008 through many newspaper and magazine features that included Hispanic Living and The Pueblo Chieftain. The cable network  Si TV also featured Marcos Garibay as their Spotlight Personality during the month of January!

In July of 2008 The Blackout Beat released the debut solo LP from Juan Alvarez, Live @ Rojas. The album was recorded live during Juan’s live Friday night shows at Rojas Restaurant. The album is composed of almost all acoustic performances that include many popular covers like My Way and El Cantante. Listeners where also treated to a surprise bonus at the end of Live @ Rojas. The album contains 4 bonus tracks with full instrumentation and the popular Sangre Canela remix  that features Marcos Garibay and Reflecshaun. The Sangre Canela remix was the albums first single.

After appearing on The Revolution, Blackout and rapper Reflecshaun released The Warning as a digital mixtape that was available as a free download from The Blackout Beat website. The Warning allowed Reflechaun to display his diversity as a artist and allowed Marcos and Armando to try some new things as producers.

Lastly, The Blackout Beat has begun its own marketing and digital revolution! In 2008 The Blackout Beat has launched a very successful online reality show and a cutting edge interactive website that allows fans to connect with artists in ways they never could before. Text message campaigns, Twitter, a wealth of mobile content, and customizable entreatment has helped The Blackout Beat to stand out in a sea of music and spread its sound.

Marcos and Armando have also begun partnering with outside business’s in cross marketing promotions. The first of which generated a lot of local attention. The deal was made with a popular styling salon. The salon became the exclusive distributer of The Blackout Revolution. The Revolution was given for free to each paying customer. The co-op deal’s marketing campaign brought new business to the salon and new fans to The Blackout Beat.

Currently The Blackout Beat is preparing to release their 2nd full length album titled To Be Announced or TBA. TBA is entirely produced by Armando Garibay. The album is goes in a very different direction than 2007’s Blackout Revolution. The sound of TBA is Electro, 80’s, Pop, Hip Hop, & R&B.  As TBA is released a massive marketing and media campaign will begin.  This blitz includes many big city shows, state and regional tours, in store events, cross promotions, music videos, documentaries, and a massive internet and mobile device campaign.  The album’s first single About U features Marcos Garibay Is a sexy mid-tempo song meant for the dance floor.  A video was shot and premiered in the summer of 2008.

Events, music production, short films and more live performances are in the near future for The Blackout Beat. Marcos and Armando have also begun reaching out to other artists and industry players in hopes of securing new production jobs or deals.


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