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FREE Song Friday: TBA (whole album!)

19 Jul

FREE Song Friday is back with another big release: The entire TBA album from 2011!  Enjoy the sound of our past as we pave the way for the future!  




RED EP & LoveHate album Now Available for FREE Download!

28 Jun

LoveHateCDBOOKSmallREDCDBookSmallThe day has finally come!  You can now download Hip Hop artist Reflecshaun’s LoveHate LP and singer-song writer Marie Robertson’s (former Circus House member) RED EP!   Please download and share so we can help get this music we worked so hard to make to the masses! Links are provided bellow:

RED: Singer- song writer and former Circus House member Marie Robertson returns with her own EP, the aptly titled RED.  This EP delivers Marie’s distinct and powerful sound over complex rhythms, dance ready synths and a 90’s vibe that’s guaranteed to make anyone move.    Download RED here for free or if you would like to help us spread the word, click here to download the music for FREE after you help us spread the word to your FB or Twitter.

LoveHate:  LoveHate is a concept album by seasoned Hip Hop artist Reflecshaun that is produced by The Blackout Beat.  The album explores the highs, lows, joys and heartache that comes with love/hate relationships.  With its unique production, talented features and well thought out song writing, LoveHate is sure to hit the right note for anyone that’s ever been in a Love or Hate relationship. Download LoveHate here for free or if you would like to help us spread the word, click here to download the music for FREE after you help us spread the word to your FB or Twitter.


Thanks and enjoy!


And in case you missed the ads for LoveHate and RED that are narrated by Reflecshaun and Marie Robertson, here you are:

FREE Song Friday: Marie Robertson – I Am

21 Jun

I Am, is the first complete song to come from the post Circus House sessions that singer/song writer Marie Robertson had with The Blackout Beat. The entire RED EP will be availble as a FREE download on June 28th! Get it at www.theblackoutbeat.comand please follow us at

FREE Song Friday: Faith in My Footsteps (new Circus House!)

31 May
Faith in My Footsteps

Faith in My Footsteps

The day has finally come!  The new single off the soon to be released Circus House album, Flesh and Bones titled Faith in My Footsteps is ready for you to download!  Enjoy and please spread the word!



FREE Song Friday: The Warning by Reflecshaun

24 May

This track is combination of minimalism, Flamenco and focused agression.  Although the track is a few years old, Reflecshaun’s vocals on it prove that he is a creative force to be reckoned with.  Enjoy!  And for more information please vist or


FREE Song Friday: Closer by Jeremiah Perez

17 May

Closer by Jeremiah Perez is off The Blackout Beat’s TBA album. This throwback baby making jam is a perfect example of where our production has evolved from over the years. This song is best enjoyed while your getting “closer” to someone.


FREE Song Friday: Guided Relaxation & Meditation by The Blackout Beat

10 May

For all those who are wondering what you can expect from our guided meditation class, here is a demo that you can download to use to fall asleep soundly to!  Our guided meditation classes are M,W,F at 6:45 P.M. and the cost is only $5.00!   If you enjoy the video please like it and share it!  Thanks!



FREE Song Friday: OD feat. Jerimiah Perez

26 Apr

OD feat. Jerimaiah Perez is off off our 2010 TBA album. This is one of my all time favorite songs that we have produced. The writing, the way Jerimiah rides the track and the track itself are all things I never get sick of.   It has a David Bowie vibe as well as that classic pre-Circus House Armando sound. For more please check us out at



FREE Song Friday: Emmett Collins – Won’t Be Televised featuring Allan Watts

19 Apr

Because today feels like a day that’s perfect for fighting the good fight.   This bonus song off Emmett Collin’s Mysterious album features Marcos and the eternal wisdom of Allan Watts.

Download now for FREE 🙂

-The Blackout Beat

FREE Song Friday: Emmett Collins feat. Allan Watts – Won’t Be Televised

4 Jan
emmett collins

emmett collins

Here is the first FREE Song friday of the 2o13!  Enjoy the free download of Emmett Collins in Won’t Be Televised.  This song will apear on the upcoming deluxe edition hard copy of Emmett’s Mysterious EP that was released in the summer of 2012.  This song is a bit more political than some of the things that have come from The Blackout Beat.  Perhaps its a taste of things to come?  We hope you like the song and come back next week for another FREE Song Friday installment!