Our Topics

Our Blog Topics

Music News: New singles, remixes, Blackout music and music industry news.

Comic Movie News: Get all of the latest scoops on the up and coming comic book movies that fans have been waiting years to see!

Comic News and Reviews: We review today’s hottest comics and let you know what’s coming in future issues (no spoilers).

The X-Factor: There are many mysteries and strange things in this world.  We highlight our favorite ones in this weekly feature.

World News: Some of today’s most relevant headlines.

M Chronicles: Random and true stories from the life of Marcos Garibay.  Very interesting stuff here!

Armando’s Thoughts: See what Armando thinks about a variety of subjects.  Also, a very interesting section of our blog!

Humor: Life is too short to not laugh.  We bring you our favorite jokes and YouTube videos that are sure to make you laugh.. If you don’t you might be dead inside :/

TV and Movies: We rate and review today’s newest TV shows and movies.

In Search of The Mighty Mugs: Marcos chronicles his quest to collect all of the elusive and insanely popular Marvel Mighty Muggs.


One Response to “Our Topics”

  1. Martha July 30, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    i was reading your topics and i tried to find the X-factor but i couldn’t.
    do you think you can write a lil more on that. it sounds interesting 🙂

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