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Finally!! Timbaland to Produce New Album for Ginuwine!!

28 Nov


Yes!!  After over a decade, it is now official!  Timbaland will produce the next Ginuwine album, due in 2015!  The acclaimed producer and cult favorite singer both made the announcement yesterday via their social media.  The announcement also included a short iMovie trailer that is only viewable (at this time) on mobile devices.  You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTXAl8O6RGw&feature=youtu.be …  One thing worth noting is that Missy Elliot was mentioned on the credit part of the trailer as a feature!  This is also fantastic news that so many of us die hard Basement fans have been waiting years for!  We will report more news as we get it!


Timbaland Reuniting with Ginuine and Missy?

20 Nov

10394045_10153034752160348_2063208235919206335_nFollowing the disaster that was The Lifetime Network’s unauthorized Aaliyah movie, Timbaland began posting a barrage of pics, memes and that mocked the made for TV film.  Additionally, Timbo also posted a few pics with him, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott and group shots of the famous “Basement Crew”.  What is he hinting at?? Could it be the return of The Super Friends on a song to honor Aaliyah?  Maybe Ginuwine and Missy will appear on Tim’s new album or perhaps, the best of all possibilities: could they be working on a brand new full length project together?


I’m not sure I can even process how great it would be to hear new music from Missy and Ginuwine produced by Timbo but I also don’t want to get my hopes up.  I’ve been eagerly waiting since Ginuwine’s third album, The Life for a project that had the same elements in terms of song writing and production, that made The Bachelor and 100% two of my favorite albums of all time.  We did get the underplayed Get Involved from Ginuwine’s 2010 album A Man’s Thought’s and eventually the leaked Hate To Love You, but those songs did little quench the thirst of Basement fans.   Hopefully Timbaland reveals details soon and hopefully those details involve project announcements!  We will be following this one closely so be sure to check back for more info.


Blackout Beat Anthology Infographic Poster!

1 Oct

Here is the famous info graphic poster that is included with The Past is Prologue Album Time Capsule Box Set!  This cool info graphic outlines the entire Blackout Beat history, important projects as well as many of the ups and downs that make Armando and Marcos’ story so interesting!

-TBBAnthology Poster 11x17

New Blackout Beat Prod. Single from Mia B. Premiering Tonight

17 Feb

unofficalCoverLater today The Blackout Beat and indie artist Mia B. will release a brand new song from her upcoming Blackout Beat produced EP.  This untitled project will be released in the Spring of 2014 (exact date TBA) and will feature production from both Marcos and Armando as well as a few features from familiar Blackout collaborators and new ones as well.  Mia B. can is also featured on Marcos Garibay’s upcoming album that will be released alongside with his new book project.  And last, Mia B. is also recording an EP that will be releaesd in the next few months (before Blackout produced project.  This project currently has two songs that are available on Mia’s SoundCloud page.     Here is a small sample of  the track you can listen to before it makes it’s debut later today.



Art Appreciation: Original Artwork by Riki Takaoka for The Blackout Beat Dance Studio

23 Mar

Check out some of this awesome work Riki Takaoka contributed to the new Blackout Beat Dance Studio.  The characters include inspirational pop and dance icons and some unnamed buy yet very passionate dancers.

Artwork by Riki Takaoka

Artwork by Riki Takaoka


Emmett Collins Discusses His Mysterious EP

25 Jul

Today we get a second to sit with Emmett Collins to talk about his new EP Mysterious, which is available now as a FREE download at theblackoutbeat.com.  Enjoy!

The Blackout Beat: What were your expectations when you first started the project.

Emmett Collins: My expectations for this project in the beginning were to make an album that showed my vocal range and my diversity as a young artist.

TBB:  Did the first song you recorded for it, Mysterious, set the tone?

EC: Yes the first song we did on the album did set the tone. The first song we did was the title track mysterious and from that point on Marcos and I knew what sound we wanted and how we wanted to deliver it.

TBB: How would you describe the overall sound of the EP?

EC:  I would describe the overall feel of the EP as a throwback late 90’s R&B sound with a twist of modern R&B. Also there is a lot of soul in my vocals for the majority of the songs so you can feel a kind of powerful presence in the music.

TBB: What is the creative process like for you when you create in the studio?

EC:  The creative process for me in the studio is great for me. I love music and I love coming up with harmonies and melodies and writing to.  I think the creative process is the best process because I get to open my mind and let everything flow out that’s in my mind, from silly stuff to stupid stuff, I just let it all go and eventually the lord touches me with something that feels right and Marcos will feel it to and we go from there.

TBB:  What are some of the challenges that came about during the making of this project?

EC:  There was no major challenge of recording this project.  Everything ran pretty smooth from song writing to my vocals.  There weren’t many bumps in the road for this project because we stuck to the plan and our plan was not force anything out or rush anything we just let it happened, and what happened in my view turned out to be pretty damn cool.

TBB: What is your favorite track and why?

EC:  My favorite track of the EP is Let You Know. I like this track because it has a good vibe to it and when we were recording the song it felt like I was in my zone.  I think Marcos was in his zone to, because we came up with the lyrics and the hook to the song in about an hour and a half, and laid the vocals down in about 35 minutes.  So I have great memories of recording that song and will always think that it’s some of my best work.

TBB: What do you want people to get of Mysterious?

EC:  What I want people to get out of my Mysterious EP is that I have a lot to offer as far as vocal talent and creativity.  If people don’t  get that I’m doing my job I guarantee they will one day.

TBB:  What’s next?

EC:  The next step is marketing the ep and getting my name out there to the public and just performing at every venue possible. I’m just ready to take it to the next level so everyone be on the lookout. One love.


Mysterious Ep Sampler!

13 Jul

Check out all 10 tracks off the new EP!

Full release tomorrow!

-B. Rossin

Ginuwine and Timbaland Reunite (kind of..)

19 Apr

I’m a huge fan of Ginuwine. I love his music, I’ve seen him perform twice, I have just about every rare and obscure record of his and his first two albums remain two of my all time favorites. I was even able to take a photo with him.  We also made a few attempts at pitching song ideas to Giuwine

Me and Ginuwine at Ginuwine's November 2010 concert in Denver.

but without the right connections its a long shot. Regardless, I’m still a big fan and will continue to support Ginuwine as an artist. By now your probably wondering what it is about his music that I like so much? It several things, its the soul, passion, energy and content. But lately, I must admit that I’ve been pretty turned off from his music, especially by his new ablum, Elgin.

The music is good. Professional sound, better marketing and some notable producers and song writers are all ingredients for a good album. But what I miss is that sound that Ginuwine and Timbaland created together. It was unique, it was different and it had so much personality that the two records that capture that very personality are still standards in many fan’s iPods today.

We all know that there has been bad blood between the two since 2009’s A Man’s Thoughts and it looks like things are at least a little better now since Tim and G have been showing each other love on Twitter. That’s great, its progress. But over the last few weeks I have come across a track that has made me really anxious (So Anxious in fact) to see the two really burry the hatchet and get back to making classic records.

The song Hate To Love You recently popped up on the web. It was one of the rumored three tracks that Timbaland did for Ginuwine’s A Man’s Thought’s album. The other two songs are Get Inolved, a uptempo FutureSex/Love-souding track that featured Missy Elliot and Timbaland and the other, unreleased song was titled Lap Dance. It’s not know for sure if Lap Dance even exists but Ginuwine has confirmed himself that Timbaland did do three tracks for that album but he/his label could not afford all three so he choose Get Involved.

Get Involved probably wasn’t the strongest of the three songs but I can kind of see why he might have chose this song. I think it was important to him to do a song with Missy and Timbaland together to show his older fans that there is still some life left in the old Basement Crew. Sadly, the video for the song never happened. We (Timbaland/Ginuwine/Basement fans) where all disapointed by this but we eventually got over it and also let go of any hope that Timbaland would appear as producer on any future Ginuwine projects.

Then I heard Hate To Love You. Amazing track. The vocals where on, that passion was there and the adlibs by Ginuwine and Timbaland at the end of the song made the song in my opinion. “I know yall said its about time right?” says Ginuwine at the end of the song as Timbaland ad libs and mimics the horns in the background. Listening to this song made me remember that it was about more than the sound that the two created, its about the feeling that the music gave its listeners. This song had it.

Its just such a damn shame that there we will probably not hear Lap Dance, Boy Meets Girl, the full version of 100%’s interlude songs or any other Timbaland/ Ginuwine tracks. Yes Ginuwine is doing “grown man music” now and that’s great but its undeniable that the music he and Timbaland makes is not only original and different but Timeless.

Another thing that has been interesting in all of this is that the fans can make a difference. Just look at G’s Twitter or Timbland Thurday’s. After becoming friends with the great people at Thomas Crown Chronicles I found out I wasn’t the only one that felt this way about G’s music. Maybe if the real fans speak out something positive can come of it.

If nothing does in fact come of this blog (and others like it) then at least we have this:

Just try to ignore the annoying DJ.