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Dance Intermission Remix Music Video!

31 Jul

Here is the second music video from The Past is Prologue!  “It’s a fun departure that was intended to be a positive mood boosting break from you day.” Said Marcos Garibay.  Stay tuned for more music videos from this album including: HolographicLove, With You, and More Than This Dance.


Major Blog Changes Begin Monday

15 Nov

Brand new regular weekly topic postings, more music and more fun!  Here is a break down of what you can expect starting Monday:

SUNDAY:  Diary – A candid diary entry where Marcos or Armando reflects  on life, their thoughts or any other subject from their unique perspective.

MONDAY: Column – Will feature guest writers about a variety of subjects or a multiple perspectives on a single subject.  Marcos will write the first series of this weekly column about great things from his childhood in the 90’s.

TUESDAY: Song of The Week – A new song that will be reccommended for listening pleasure (not Blackout Beat produced).

WEDNESDAY: Video of The Week – A weekly posting of a video that is trending on the web.  Subjects can be include: Music, art, social issues, world issues, politics and more.

THURSDAY: Pic of The Week – A weekly Instagram photo of The Blackout Beat at work on a project with a short description.

FRIDAY: FREE Song Friday – Free download of Blackout Beat produced song.

SATURDAY: Art Appreciation – A weekly posting of a picture of a piece of original artwork.

And don’t worry, Blackout beat and comic book/comic book movie updates will still occur regularly on any given day.  We hope you all enjoy the new format!


Blackout Beat to Host Release Party for The Circus House on December 10th

16 Nov

The Circus is coming to town.

If your in the Denver metro area then you must mark your calendars for December 10th!   The Blackout Beat will be hosting a release party that is quite unlike any you have been to.  The event will feature a special performance by John Chaos “Freak of the 21st Century”  that follows an hour long set by DJ Sys-Hex.  Then the main event, a special 4 song performance of The Circus House by The Blackout Beat featuring Marie Robertson and Abigail Framptious.  But wait… There’s more!  Following the performance The Blackout Beat will play music as our guests enjoy drinks, snacks and their FREE copy of The Circus House.

Other organizations that we partner with will also have a presence at the event.  So far this includes DeVelo Magazine, the Comic Book Classroom, Nano’s Event Services and The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.  As a special bonus (yes more bonuses, you really are getting some bang for you 5 bucks here) The Blackout Beat will have their own table where you can get more music, learn more about them and their past and upcoming projects as well as receive special deals on our professional services.

And lastly, I thought I’d mention that each guest receives a FREE drink when they enter (big kid drinks for 21 and up).

Here is the Facebook event page if you would like to declare to the web that you will be there: