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Blackout Beat Anthology Infographic Poster!

1 Oct

Here is the famous info graphic poster that is included with The Past is Prologue Album Time Capsule Box Set!  This cool info graphic outlines the entire Blackout Beat history, important projects as well as many of the ups and downs that make Armando and Marcos’ story so interesting!

-TBBAnthology Poster 11x17


Wave 2 of Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Sets are Here!! Order Yours Today!

30 Sep

After a long wait the second wave of Time Capsule Box Sets for Marcos Garibay’s album The Past is Prologue are now shipping!  Like the first wave, they will be going fast so be sure to order yours today!  You can order your album box set at http://www.theblackoutbeat.com/tpip.html  

And just in case you missed out on the madness that took place during the album release for The Past is Prologue, we have some more info on the box sets and the album bellow.


The Past is Prologue is the first solo effort from Blackout Beat Production Company producer and song writer Marcos Garibay. Important moments in time are colorfully painted on a Latin canvas that incorporates elements of Merengue, Bachata, Flamenco, Kizumba, 3Ball, and Dance Hall, over percussion foundations that draw inspiration from Timbaland and The Neputunes. Marcos assembled a unique and extremely talented group of musicians to help bring his vision to life: his brother Armando Garibay (the other half of The Blackout Beat) and his band The Circus House, Jillian Grutta, Felicia Gallegos Pettis, Lara Gallegos, Mia B., Emmett Arthur Collins III, and James Hurtado. The album explores the past, present and future while exposing a mainstream audience to a new fusion sound that carries The Blackout Beat’s signature. The Past is Prologue will be released as a special box set on June 28th, 2014.


The Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Set

When you purchase The Past is Prologue Time CapsuleBox Set you get much more than the album.  Each hand assembled and uniquely numbered package contains the following in addition to a few surprises: The Past is Prologue CD, welcome letter, original lyrics, deluxe extra sized CD companion book, Blackout Anthology infographic poster, photo cards, Blackout Beat magnet, Circus House teaser, time capsule carrying case, preview of Marcos’ upcoming book and more!

And here is one of the songs from the album: Click, Click, Glow featuring The Circus House and A’Dula

Click, Click, Glow is the first single from Blackout Beat producer, song writer and artist Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue. The Circus House (Denver’s popular Electro Pop Band) and Denver Hip Hop heavy weight A’Dula are also featured on the track.

and here is the music video for the Dance Intermission Remix.


Past is Prologue Time Capsule Album Box Sets (wave 2) Begin Shipping Aug 30th

12 Aug

10405614_10203373699775483_9206614356669683449_n10552642_10203396886675141_174982809301774789_nYes!  Marcos’ Past is Prologue Time Capsule album box sets begin shipping on August 30th!  You can reserve yours by emailing contact@theblackoutbeat.com or you can buy it now from http://www.theblackoutbeat.com/tpip.html

Big thanks to everyone that bought the first wave or added their names to the waiting list for wave two!  We owe our success to your love!



Wave 1 of Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Set’s Sold Out!! Wave 2 Coming Soon!

2 Aug

We are happy to announce that we have sold out of our first wave of Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Sets!  Since the demand high and reception has been overwhelmingly positive we will be producing a 2nd wave that should be released by the end of August.   CDs are still available for order from our website http://www.theblakoutbeat.com if you can’t handle the wait for wave two!  Here are a few pictures from some of the satisfied customers excited about their sets!

IMG_7348 IMG_7349 IMG_7356 10530696_10202689655826876_8795456101645656546_n 10544321_10203429209363188_4472830548243508516_nIMG_6871IMG_8476IMG_5055IMG_1016

The Past is Prologue is Now for Sale! CDs and Box Sets

1 Aug

Blackout Beat producer, song writer and artist Marcos Garibay’s long awaited album, The Past is Prologue is now available!  The album can be ordered as a CD or as a part of the limited edition “Time Capsule Box Set” which features several items packaged in a Blackout Beat box to enhance the entire listening experience.  Some of the items included in the box include original lyrics, notes, a deluxe album companion, origami figures, and a Blackout Beat magnet.

Order yours today fromhttp://theblackoutbeat.com/tpip.html

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Pictures from The Past is Prologue Album Release Party

30 Jul

Here are a few pictures from the July 25th album release party for Marcos Garibay’s The Past is Prologue.  Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!  It was a great night!

20140725_204515 20140725_223347 20140725_223400 IMG_7334 IMG_7349 IMG_7361 IMG_7386IMG_7359 IMG_7360 IMG_7341

The Past is Prologue Album Release Party – July, 25th

11 Jul

If you are in the Denver area on the 25th be sure to stop by for a great evening of music as we celebrate the release of Marcos’ long awaited album, The Past is Prologue. PARTY

TBA Box Set March 11th & Sooner at Release Party

10 Feb

After years of hard work in the studio, tireless promotion and months of package presentation, the release date for our heavily anticipated TBA Box Set is no longer “To Be Announced”.  Its March 11th.  You will be able to buy it at a grown list (which will be announced in two weeks) of retailers and for online order.  If you can’t wait that long for the box set you can download TBA now on iTunes or Amazon.   Click here for that page:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tba/id414235691

So here is the official list of what the TBA Box Set contains:

1. TBA album in digi-pack box.

2.  TBA DVD with music videos & making the album documentry

3. Deluxe TBA CD book with lyrics, photos & more.

4. Thank you/info card from 5280 Comic Book Classroom & The Blackout Beat (10% of sales go to 5280 comics).

5. Blackout Beat Bumper Sticker.

6. 5280 Comic Book Classroom Button.

7.  The Blackout Beat Anthology Pt. One digital album download card, contains 17 of the best of Blackout Beat’s music over the years!

8.  Blackout Beat FREE Song Friday & Social Networking Postcard.

9.  Recycled Box with TBA Sticker and rope wrap to house all of the above.

10.  Each box set is autographed by Armando & Marcos Garibay (first 1,000 units only).

All of this for only $ 12.00!

But wait, there’s more!  Order soon and we will throw in a bonus Snuggie, a car wash for your feet and a bonus Snuggie for your dog for FREE!   Just joking, but really for $12.00  you have to admit its a hell of a deal.  And last, if you would like to get your hands on the box set before the March release date you can come to our release party.  We’ll have plenty there 😉  Facebook us for more info: Facebook.com/theblackoutbeat