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X-Men Days of Future Past is Filming Now! Here are the pics so far

23 Apr

Its amazing to think that the most epic X-Men movie ever is filming as we sit here and gawk at these photos.  Although the shots are not amazing stills you can still learn a lot about the film (professor walking, war torn costumes etc.)  Stay tuend for more!Storm X-Men Day of Future Past IMG_0671

Sure hop a few of those empty space are Scott and Jean

Sure hop a few of those empty space are Scott and Jean

IMG_0524 IMG_0491 IMG_9692 IMG_9638



5 Reasons Why I’m X-Cited for X-Men: First Class

2 Jun

Before I begin let me be the first to say that I am guilty of slamming this film months back, before the trailers and during the filming process. Several things have led me to drastically change my mind about First Class. This includes the full trailer, the recent reviews and scene previews. Although I do have some concerns, I think its safe to say the the good things out wight the bad by far. This was not the case going into see X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Its almost time for me to get in line (have to be at the top of the line) so I thought I might leave something for all those who are still on the fence about seeing the newest installment in the X-Franchise.

1. Silver Age Marvel Movie
This movie is the first period Marvel movie that takes place during the 60’s, which interestingly enough happens to be the same decade that the X-Men comics where born in. I’m anxious to see a stylized take on Xavier and Magneto that has a very real political backdrop we are all familiar with. Who knows? If its a success maybe they will make more silver age Marvel flicks. I always thought that the Fantastic Four would look the best on the silver screen if the movie actually took place during the silver age. How cool would it bee to see Jack Kirby inspired costumes, hair and settings? Very awesome.

2. Magneto
I have to say that from what I have seen, I’m going to love Michael Fassbender as Magneto. He doesn’t sound or look like Ian Mckelen but that’s ok. I love the voice. Magneto never seemed like a person in the comics that would have a english accent. Nor did he come off as someone who as composed as Sir Ian Mckelen. I love the raw intensity of this Magneto. Aside from the character I’m also looking forward to seeing some amazing displays of power as wells as the original red costume form the comics, even if only for a few seconds.

3. The X-Men fighting as a Team
There were a few scenes in other X-movies that had all the characters involved in some kind of an action sequence. I think the climax at the island of First Class will take that to another level.

4. The Relationships
One of the biggest problems I (and countless others) had with X3 was that there was no heart. The movie did not make you care for the characters. In fact, they didn’t even seem to care for one another (No seemed to care Cyclops died). One of the biggest and most important things about the X-Men that attracts so many people to it is the characters and their interactions with each other. The action, powers and fighting all comes second to this. All X-Fans secretly want to live at the X-Mansion and be a part of that family. Bryan Singer Nailed this in his movies. From what I have heard, Vaughn has done the same with First Class.

5. Seeds of Hope
I think its impossible for Fox to make a new X-Movie without planting seeds for further installments. The possibilities are endless and exciting. Maybe we can get a sequel that finally gives fan favorites Scott Summers and Jean Grey a decent role and story that isn’t overshadowed by Wolverine. Maybe we’ll get to see Magneto sending his newly formed Brotherhood (that would include Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch) against Xavier and his newly formed X-Men. But even more exciting is the possibility that we will finally get what we have all wanted for years, X4. If this movie is made by the right people (Singer) then it could right the many, many wrongs of X3 and make everyone fan extremely happy, thus bringing peace to the planet. Wow.. Its almost too much to expect but you never know. I know that there is a rough script outline for an X4 that leads into X5. Here’s hoping!