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Frontin (cover) by Marcos & Mia B. from The Past is Prologue LP

29 Dec

Now that the box sets for Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue have been out for a while The Blackout Beat has begun releasing the album digitally.

This is The Blackout Beat cover / homage of Pharrell Williams’ classic hit Frontin from The Clones album.  . This song features Mia B. and Marcos Garibay over a Latin Pop beat (produced by Marcos) that pays tribute to The Neptunes through drum and guitar chords.

“The Neptunes played a huge part in inspiring Armando and I. They are part of the reason we are producers now. I always wanted to do some sort of tribute to them as a way to say thank you. Doing this cover with Mia was such a fun experience because we got to put our own twist on something that’s meant a lot to me. I hope you all enjoy our Frontin with a latin twist!”

-Marcos Garibay

From more from The Blackout Beat and Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue, be sure to check back here and at www.theblackoutbeat.com as well as FB: www.facebook.com/theblackoutbeat or twitter: www.twitter.com/theblackoutbeat


Too Much (Spice Girls cover) by The Circus House

12 Jun

The Circus House has broken their silence with a new song!  Check out their cover to the classic Spice Girls ballad “Too Much”.  New album is on the way soon and new shows to be announced shortly!


Artwork from Marcos’ Soon To Be Released Album The Past is Prologue

6 Jun

9 out of 12 songs.  Expect the next three followed by the final cover in to show in the next day.

The Past is Prologue is the first solo effort from Blackout Beat Production Company producer and song writer Marcos Garibay. Important moments in time are colorfully painted on a Latin canvas that incorporates elements of Merengue, Bachata, Flamenco, Kizumba, 3Ball, and Dance Hall, over percussion foundations that draw inspiration from Timbaland and The Neputunes. Marcos assembled a unique and extremely talented group of musicians to help bring his vision to life: his brother Armando Garibay (the other half of The Blackout Beat) and his band The Circus HouseJillian Grutta,Felicia Gallegos PettisLara Gallegos, Mia B., Emmett Arthur Collins III, and James Hurtado. The album explores the past, present and future while exposing a mainstream audience to a new fusion sound that carries The Blackout Beat’s signature. The Past is Prologue will be released as a special box set on June 28th, 2014.

Photography credit: Ric Urrutia


Marcos in The Studio Working on New Album

17 Sep


Last week was a great week as Marcos spent most of it in the studio working on music for the album that will accompany his A is for Authentic graphic novel.  He worked on beats, recorded vocals and worked with James Hurtado to record live guitar that will really make the album “authentic”.  Although the release of the ambitious project is still months away, it’s really shaping up to be something bigger than Marcos imagined.





Midnight Dance Party Hosted by Blackout Beat: SomewhereInAmericaMiley’sTwerkin’

24 Jul

Join The Blackout Beat for a night of dancing, drinks and new music as they spin the hottest Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Retro and even some Latin and Swing.  Also be sure to check out the brand new music that will be premiered live at the party from The Circus House and Emmett Collins!

dance party

RED EP & LoveHate album Now Available for FREE Download!

28 Jun

LoveHateCDBOOKSmallREDCDBookSmallThe day has finally come!  You can now download Hip Hop artist Reflecshaun’s LoveHate LP and singer-song writer Marie Robertson’s (former Circus House member) RED EP!   Please download and share so we can help get this music we worked so hard to make to the masses! Links are provided bellow:

RED: Singer- song writer and former Circus House member Marie Robertson returns with her own EP, the aptly titled RED.  This EP delivers Marie’s distinct and powerful sound over complex rhythms, dance ready synths and a 90’s vibe that’s guaranteed to make anyone move.    Download RED here for free or if you would like to help us spread the word, click here to download the music for FREE after you help us spread the word to your FB or Twitter.

LoveHate:  LoveHate is a concept album by seasoned Hip Hop artist Reflecshaun that is produced by The Blackout Beat.  The album explores the highs, lows, joys and heartache that comes with love/hate relationships.  With its unique production, talented features and well thought out song writing, LoveHate is sure to hit the right note for anyone that’s ever been in a Love or Hate relationship. Download LoveHate here for free or if you would like to help us spread the word, click here to download the music for FREE after you help us spread the word to your FB or Twitter.


Thanks and enjoy!


And in case you missed the ads for LoveHate and RED that are narrated by Reflecshaun and Marie Robertson, here you are:

Video of Marcos Performing at The Meadowlark

17 Oct

Since the video was uploaded to The Blackout Beat’s Facebook page you can watch it by clicking here.

-B.  Rossin

Video of Emmett Collins Performance at Meadowlark Showcase

16 Oct

Check out this video of Emmett Collins set during the Blackout Beat showcase at The Meadowlark in Denver, CO.


-B. Rossin