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Marcos Diary Entry: Directors Chair

22 Sep
Marcos Garibay, September 2015 Diary Entry

Marcos Garibay, September 2015 Diary Entry

Hello!  It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down and wrote one of these but tonight felt like a good night for it since I’m easing into a manic writing creative mode!  The last diary entry on this blog was about The Blackout Beat Anthology, a 50 plus song mixtape we put out to celebrate all the work Armando and I have done up to this point in time.  (You can download it here for free!).  After the release of that project I was creatively spent, at least where my own music was concerned.

After the life changing release party for The Blackout Beat Anthology I spent the rest of the summer  learning new skills and developing others further.  This equaled to days spent in the park reading, hours drawing while also annoying my neighbors as I clumsily strummed my new ukulele, an instrument I was determined to learn.  Two of the skills I spent time developing with heavy emphasis were writing and film making.  For the last few years I had this urge to create a short film that would really affect people.  Up until July I only had a blurry vague idea of what it could be.  Once the idea hit me (in a sudden rush like my best ideas usually do) this idea stayed in the forefront of my mind.  But in true Marcos fashion, it’s not the only iron on my ever burning fire.

Blackout Beat Anthology release party and concert

Blackout Beat Anthology release party and concert

It bothers me when people I don’t often see ask me what’s new.  I don’t know where to begin and I scramble to find ways to sum up all my projects in an interesting way that make them sound like more than ideas or hobbies.  Until some of these projects end up as finished works I might just write this link down and hand it to people who ask me what I’m doing!

So without further delay, here is a brief description that sums up all the dreams that I’m dedicated to making real:

Everyday People, Emmett Collins Album

Emmett and I have been working on his sophomore effort for over two years!  As I write this blog we are only two sessions away from completing all the vocals for this amazing R&B record.  I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of this album and Emmett.  It’s mature, fun and heartfelt.  As his last album Mysterious paid homage to late 90’s sounds of Timbaland, Everyday People is a more organic and soulful sound that explores a much broader variety of topics.  I have so much to say about all the songs on this album (my favorite song on it changes weekly) but I will wait until we are a bit closer to its release.  Until that time comes (soon, we promise!) here is some footage of Emmett performing Lois Lane, the funky Rick James inspired lead single that will eventually appear on your news feed as a Soul Train inspired music video!

Possible Me, Short Film Written and Directed by Marcos Garibay starting Annie Garcia

I talked a bit about the short film that I had wanted to do for several years earlier in this post and in other past entires as well.  This summer the unique concept for what form that film should take finally came to me and as soon as it did, I knew exactly who I wanted to work with to help bring my story to life.  In fact, I wrote most of it with her in mind.  For the last four months I’ve been working with Annie Garcia, a very talented person in her own right, to create a short film that I’ve titled Possible Me.  She has really embraced the story and I really feel like she personifies the character in a way that makes her real.


First day working on the project where we recorded vocals for Annie narration.

It’s been a new and incredibly fun process up to this point.  Now Annie and I are in an impatient loop of anticipation to move forward, as the process for creating film requires so much more preparation and time than any musical work I’ve done before.  So much is out of your control with these types of projects and when things are in your control something else happens to show you that you really are not!  I can’t say how excited I am to be making this.  Without giving too much away, this 10-15 minute film is a inspiring, introspective self journey that introduces us to a character and situation that so many of us can relate to.  It’s about inner strength, perseverance and the never ending quest for success.  We will begin shooting major scenes in less than a week from the date of this post and with any luck we should have a finished film to show off at festivals, events and to the entire internet before the year is over!

The Dupont Elementary / Blackout Beat Film Club

As if I didn’t have enough going on in my life outside of the elementary school where I spend close to 40 hours a week, 9 months out of the year at, I recently added a new monster of a project.  The idea for what is now The Dupont / Blackout Beat Film Club was born out of a fun conversation I had with 5th graders during my morning recess duty.  We talked about films we saw over the summer and how cool it would be to change certain parts, add parts and eventually we would talk about how cool it would be to create our own movie.  Then during one of these talks it occurred to me, “Ya know, we really could make our own movie if we wanted it to!” After all, I have all the equipment I need since I spent the summer paying for it to bring Possible Me to life.   With the students cheering me on I took this idea to the higher ups in the building.  This led to a meeting with a very excited, supportive and open minded Vice Principal.  I felt like a director pitching a film idea to a movie executive.  She then took the idea to our schools principal (much like the inner working of a movie studio) and then the idea was given the green light!    The response was overwhelming when I presented 4th and 5th grade students with the opportunity to join this new free club.  I went into each of their classrooms and “pitched” (so much film making lingo!!) the club to the students.  Every single permission slip / info flyer had been enthusiastically snatched from my hands!  The following week as I went through the flyer / permission slips (that included a section for the kids to write about why they wanted to be in the film club) I would get approached by students all through out the day with questions, ideas and stories they came up with that they thought would make a great film!

Me going through stacks of signed film club permission slips!

Me going through stacks of signed film club permission slips!

Even though I’m still less than two weeks away from the first meeting of the club (or first pre production meeting) I already feel as though the club is a success.  We went from talking about movies we like on the playground, saying things like “yea, it would be really cool if I could make or be in a movie one day.” to now, where kids are having constructive collaborative conversations about how they are going to make their special effects better and more realistic.  It’s real to them now!  The idea that they  can make a movie is now in the realm of possibilities for these amazing underdog kids.  Doing this allows me a greater opportunity to help them to see life like most adults and kids in their position  cannot, full of unlimited possibilities.  I don’t really spend too much time lingering on that because the task ahead is so enormous.  The story we have put together involves time travel over aMad Max and Twilight Zone landscape and story scenario that is inspired by one of my favorite stories as a child, Lord of The Flies.

The club will end in 12 weeks in pure Hollywood style.  There will be a red carpet premier, comic con style Q and A panel and large format first screening!

Some concept art for characters and their costumes.

Some concept art for characters and their costumes.

Graceful Jungle, The New Circus House Album Produced by Armando Garibay

My brother Armando is so close to finishing his bands new album that it seems further away than it has ever been!  He has been slaving away tightening vocals, reworking massive and complex song arrangements, putting on shows to build anticipation  all while building a fierce fan base that shows their love at each venue where The Circus House graces the stage.  Besides helping with some technical stuff at shows this has really been Armando’s rodeo.  This highly anticipated album featuring his “new Circus House” that features vocals from  Jillian Grutta and Anna Smith as well as sax from Sean Collation is now in the mix phase and this is where I come in.  For the last few months Armando and I have been mixing the record, polishing and refining sounds and vocal performances to make this the best record The Blackout Beat has put out.  And mark my word, it will be.  The growth in Armando’s production even surprised me when I listed to all the songs tother in sequence last week.  Its inspiring to see something so different and fresh come together from my outside / inside perspective.  In November we will celebrate the albums release while parting like its 1999.

Armando working on Graceful Jungle.

Armando working on Graceful Jungle.

5 Unrevealed Articles for Cracked 

The last project I thought I would mention are the articles I’m working on for Cracked.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love Cracked.  They invented the list format that so many fly by night websites try to capitalize off of.  The site is hilarious, fresh and amazingly informative.  All the pieces but one are about real life topics that I have been working really hard at to sculpt into perfect relatable / informative / humors articles that will hopefully reach thousands.   I hope to submit them in the next few weeks after heavy and editing  and wine drinking.

So that’s all the cool stuff I have my greasy pizza stained hands in ( I’m actually eating pizza as I write this).  I already have the next big projects (including new Marcos album!!) in mind after I finish the above but if I’m ever going to move forward I need to clear my plate!
That’s it for this one!  I’ll do my best to update these more often!



Marcos on The Beat – June 2015

9 Jun



So far June has been a busy month for The Blackout Beat with shows, a upcoming release, three projects in the middle of production and a big submission!  Here is some video and audio of some of Marcos’ work over the last few weeks!

The Blackout Anthology House Party Concert Featuring The Circus House, Emmett Collins & Marcos Garibay

7 Jun


Join The Blackout Beat on June 19th for a special event that celebrates the past, present and future of The Blackout Beat. Marcos Garibay, Emmett Collins, The Circus House will all perform sets alongside a special soon be announced DJ.

To help celebrate the history of The Blackout Beat, guests will be treated to a free advance copy of The Blackout Beat Anthology Mixtape EP, which features over 45 Blackout Beat songs blend together in an 80 minute mix. The event will also feature several curated exhibits that tell the story of The Blackout Beat and all the projects Marcos and Armando have been involved with since they started their production company.

And like all Blackout Beat events, you can be sure to expect drinks (one free drink with cover fee), snacks and dancing! Hope to see you there!
Contact The Blackout Beat for more info.

(917) 455-3577

Marcos Diary Entry: The Blackout Beat Anthology, A Celebration of Armando and Marcos’ Work Up Until Now

10 May

11214159_10205434368530914_1633519626845562234_n-1What a month it has been!  The year has brought challenge after challenge and May has already proved to be some sort of insane endurance round, pushing mind, body, wallets and relationships to their limits. Luckily for me I came up with an idea during a shower,  that I was able to work on in small pieces, which has done wonders to keep my sanity in tact.   In many ways I felt like I was stuck in a standstill, paralyzed in inactivity as I tried to complete Emmett’s project, outline a book project I started all, while putting a set together for a new show and working at a school for 50 hours during the week.  I understandably ran out of creative juice and decided to take a step back before taking so many forward. Listening to the first Circus House album also led me to decision to start this project.  Not hearing that record for so long allowed me to hear it with fresh ears.  I was proud of it, proud of what Armando had envisioned.  I then began listening to our entire catalog.  I became inspired to do something to celebrate the work we had done. SubstandardFullSizeRender Each song, each beat told two stories.  One is the one that the song is written about, the other is the one that only Armando, I and the artists we worked with experienced at the time we created the song.  That is what really means the most to me about this project. It’s both humbling and overwhelming to think about everything we have been through while chasing this dream: leaving Pueblo for more opportunity and a bigger stage, our first commercial recording studio, the studios that followed, all the artists we worked with, the performances, the highs, the breakdowns, the parties, dances, beats, recording sessions, press and all the unexpected developments.   Above all else, Armando and I both went through our own personal and creative evolutions.  For me this included redefining what it means to be successful. The process for putting this project together was different than anything I’ve done before since the songs were already made.  I had to start by going through our catalog and pulling the best song and highlighting my favorite parts.  Initially I wanted to do each songs in chronological order, but eventually I decided against this because it was so much more fun to blend songs that would have never been heard back to back before, like a Juan Alvarez song and a Circus House song. The transitions, effects, song order and energy level are all the building blocks that I’ve used to weave our entire catalog into one continuous mix that tells the story of our creative journey.  Well not all of it, just about 10 years of it. It did take a lot of work and creative energy to complete The Blackout Anthology Mixtape EP but in a weird way it also recharged me so that I could complete the other projects I took a break from.  Now that I’m about two weeks away from releasing this free project I’ve already begun mapping out the songs, sets and new concepts for current and future projects. To help build excitement for the release of The Blackout Beat Anthology, I’ve been posting pictures and video clips with captions that tell the story of The  Blackout Beat.  It’s a personal marketing tactic for a projects that’s personal to me.  As we get closer I plan on ramping it up some cool video stuff and a very special event that no one dare miss.  And I mean that, if there is one Blackout Beat show to see it will be The Blackout Beat Anthology show, and not for reasons that are immediately obvious. More updates this week. -m

New Circus House Album Due This Spring

19 Mar

The Circus House and The Blackout Beat are happy to announce that the new Circus House album titled Graceful Jungle will be released this spring.  Expect more news, sounds and show announcements in the coming weeks!



14 Mar

It’s going to be a creative weekend for me.  Here are a few of the things I’m working with right now.



Emmett & Marcos Song Writing Session

14 Mar

Check out this short video of Emmett Collins and Marcos Garibay working on new music.


Mile Hi-Fi Reviews China Doll by The Circus House

5 Mar


Here is a great review of the new Circus House single, China Doll by Mile Hi-Fi.

There are numerous advantages of having the producer Garibay as the lead creative: the pristine production is palpable from the moment the track starts. Layers fade in and out of the main soundscape in tasteful ways, and there is a certain cohesiveness throughout

Click here for the full article and to hear the song!


The Circus House’s New Single: China Doll

4 Mar

china-dollListen to China Doll,  the brand new single from the upcoming album from The Circus House!  This one is a monster!  Great job Armando and everyone in the band!


Frontin (cover) by Marcos & Mia B. from The Past is Prologue LP

29 Dec

Now that the box sets for Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue have been out for a while The Blackout Beat has begun releasing the album digitally.

This is The Blackout Beat cover / homage of Pharrell Williams’ classic hit Frontin from The Clones album.  . This song features Mia B. and Marcos Garibay over a Latin Pop beat (produced by Marcos) that pays tribute to The Neptunes through drum and guitar chords.

“The Neptunes played a huge part in inspiring Armando and I. They are part of the reason we are producers now. I always wanted to do some sort of tribute to them as a way to say thank you. Doing this cover with Mia was such a fun experience because we got to put our own twist on something that’s meant a lot to me. I hope you all enjoy our Frontin with a latin twist!”

-Marcos Garibay

From more from The Blackout Beat and Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue, be sure to check back here and at www.theblackoutbeat.com as well as FB: www.facebook.com/theblackoutbeat or twitter: www.twitter.com/theblackoutbeat