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Marcos Working on New Projects

15 Sep


Humble beginnings of new Emmett Collins album and #ThePastIsPrologue2.  Yup, there is a part 2.  More info soon 🙂



New Trailer for The Wolverine (Jean Grey!!!)

23 May

NEuQsI28DVXFyy_1_1My sweet still kind of Dark Phoenix Jean…



X-Men Days of Future Past is Filming Now! Here are the pics so far

23 Apr

Its amazing to think that the most epic X-Men movie ever is filming as we sit here and gawk at these photos.  Although the shots are not amazing stills you can still learn a lot about the film (professor walking, war torn costumes etc.)  Stay tuend for more!Storm X-Men Day of Future Past IMG_0671

Sure hop a few of those empty space are Scott and Jean

Sure hop a few of those empty space are Scott and Jean

IMG_0524 IMG_0491 IMG_9692 IMG_9638


Higher Quality Scan of Newspaper Article for A is for Authentic

5 Dec

Here is a scen from last week’s Pueblo Chieftain article featuring A is for Authentic.   Stay tuned for more press, pics, music and updates for this project and its Kickstarter campaign.  If you have not checked out the Kickstarter page for this project please do now.  You check it out here.