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Bryan Singer Confirmed to Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past

31 Oct

Although Armando and I were not excited with the news that X-Men First Class director Matthew Vaughn left the project we were cautiously optimist that Bryan Singer would return to direct the film.  We had been hurt before, hurt bad (X3 and X-Men Origins Wolverine) and we didn’t want to rush to conclusions.  But now it’s been confirmed.  This is fantastic news.  Here are a few reasons why:

1.  Bryan Singer created this X-Men universe.  And not only that, he really is the man responsible for making good, grounded and believable super hero films.

2. Bryan Singer is the best person to fix continuity errors and bridge gap between all X-films.

3.  Bryan has good established relationships with actors from the original trilogy.  This makes it more likely that most actors would return to reprise their roles in this new film.

4.  Bryan can create complex treatments that have heart. (see X1, X2 and X-Men First Class)

And this is what we are excited about most…

1.  Seeing characters from original trilogy and First Class prequel together in one movie.

2.  Sentinels!!!!!!

3. Cable or Bishop?

4.  A chance to give Cyclops some real depth and screen time.

5.  Undoing all the horrible writing decisions that happened in Bret Ratners X3.

There are no words for how excited me and Armando are.  We have until July of 2014  for this movie but midway through the wait we get to enjoy The Wolverine.  Looks like things are shaping up great for mutant fans!