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Marcos on The Beat – June 2015

9 Jun



So far June has been a busy month for The Blackout Beat with shows, a upcoming release, three projects in the middle of production and a big submission!  Here is some video and audio of some of Marcos’ work over the last few weeks!


Marcos Begins Work on New Project

5 Mar

Stay tuned from more info on this new project in Marcos’ new diary blog in a few days.


Finally!! Timbaland to Produce New Album for Ginuwine!!

28 Nov


Yes!!  After over a decade, it is now official!  Timbaland will produce the next Ginuwine album, due in 2015!  The acclaimed producer and cult favorite singer both made the announcement yesterday via their social media.  The announcement also included a short iMovie trailer that is only viewable (at this time) on mobile devices.  You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTXAl8O6RGw&feature=youtu.be …  One thing worth noting is that Missy Elliot was mentioned on the credit part of the trailer as a feature!  This is also fantastic news that so many of us die hard Basement fans have been waiting years for!  We will report more news as we get it!

A is For Authentic Soundtrack: How We Get Down

14 Aug

GetDownCoverWith the October release of A is For Authentic coming closer we now have a look at the accompanying soundtrack’s first single.  There are 13 artists on this merengue fusion track!  Hip Hop, Pop, folk, R&B as well as both Marcos and Armando lending vocals and instrumentation to this song.  There is a sample bellow and expect the full single release with music video towards the end of August!


A is for Authentic, is an original graphic novel written by Marcos Garibay and illustrated by Riki Takaoka. The book is accompanied by an original soundtrack that is produced by Marcos Garibay and features himself with a small handful of some great local independent artists from many different genres. The book and soundtrack are both packaged in a unique gift set that includes a bonus comic book, a limited edition sketch book, stickers, book mark, original artwork and additional downloadable content.