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Check Out Emmett Collins’ New Sounds: REWIND

16 Feb

Emmett Collins and The Blackout Beat have teamed up again to create a new project for your listening pleasure! Rewind is the first sample from the upcoming, Music for Everyday People album. Rewind is a a tale of childhood friends who are reunited and new beginnings.  Please enjoy and share!  More great new music is on the way from The Blackout Beat!



Wave 2 of Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Sets are Here!! Order Yours Today!

30 Sep

After a long wait the second wave of Time Capsule Box Sets for Marcos Garibay’s album The Past is Prologue are now shipping!  Like the first wave, they will be going fast so be sure to order yours today!  You can order your album box set at http://www.theblackoutbeat.com/tpip.html  

And just in case you missed out on the madness that took place during the album release for The Past is Prologue, we have some more info on the box sets and the album bellow.


The Past is Prologue is the first solo effort from Blackout Beat Production Company producer and song writer Marcos Garibay. Important moments in time are colorfully painted on a Latin canvas that incorporates elements of Merengue, Bachata, Flamenco, Kizumba, 3Ball, and Dance Hall, over percussion foundations that draw inspiration from Timbaland and The Neputunes. Marcos assembled a unique and extremely talented group of musicians to help bring his vision to life: his brother Armando Garibay (the other half of The Blackout Beat) and his band The Circus House, Jillian Grutta, Felicia Gallegos Pettis, Lara Gallegos, Mia B., Emmett Arthur Collins III, and James Hurtado. The album explores the past, present and future while exposing a mainstream audience to a new fusion sound that carries The Blackout Beat’s signature. The Past is Prologue will be released as a special box set on June 28th, 2014.


The Past is Prologue Time Capsule Box Set

When you purchase The Past is Prologue Time CapsuleBox Set you get much more than the album.  Each hand assembled and uniquely numbered package contains the following in addition to a few surprises: The Past is Prologue CD, welcome letter, original lyrics, deluxe extra sized CD companion book, Blackout Anthology infographic poster, photo cards, Blackout Beat magnet, Circus House teaser, time capsule carrying case, preview of Marcos’ upcoming book and more!

And here is one of the songs from the album: Click, Click, Glow featuring The Circus House and A’Dula

Click, Click, Glow is the first single from Blackout Beat producer, song writer and artist Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue. The Circus House (Denver’s popular Electro Pop Band) and Denver Hip Hop heavy weight A’Dula are also featured on the track.

and here is the music video for the Dance Intermission Remix.


A is for Authentic Graphic Novel Continues Without Kickstarter Funding

17 Dec
Front cover for the A is Authentic graphic novel

Front cover for the A is Authentic graphic novel

Although the Kickstarter for Marcos’ A is for Authentic comic book/ soundtrack project has ended unsuccessfully, Marcos has already begun to initiate what he calls his “plan B” to bring the project to life.  Despite the fact that the project fell  $4,000.00 short of his $6,400.00 goal he was able to generate significant and enthusiastic interest in the project.  “I’m going to tap into the interest and support base that we have been able to create since I first announced the project in August to help start this project on a smaller level.  Instead of ordering graphic novels that include all 10 chapters of the story we will release a 10 part comic book series and sell them in our new studio store and locally at comic shops.  This will be easier on the wallet since we can order smaller numbers that will not cost as much as the collection.  Once all 10 issues are out we will then be in a better position to release a graphic novel special edition in limited numbers.”  Said Marcos Garibay, the books author and creator.  The first issue is complete and scheduled for a January 2013 release.  All issues can be purchased online (in physical and digital formats), at local comic shops statewide and in the Blackout Beat’s new mini shop located in their new studio.  Marcos and artist Riki Takaoka have already begun work on new chapters and will work hard to keep the books coming on schedule.

The Mallory Gonzales Scholarship, a program that will use profit from the book to pay tuition and costume costs for underprivileged children to dance in local folkloiko groups will continue.  “I’ve already begun notifying some of the folkoriko groups that I’m interested in helping and let them know that this scholarship program will happen.”  Said Marcos Garibay.

Since one of the biggest components of the project was its original soundtrack, its worth mentioning that the soundtrack will also be released in parts along side each of the story’s 10 chapters.  Each comic will include a code for a digital download of a new song off the soundtrack.  A physical CD of the soundtrack will also be packaged with the graphic novel later this year when they are released after the 10 issue comic series.

-The Blackout Beat

Higher Quality Scan of Newspaper Article for A is for Authentic

5 Dec

Here is a scen from last week’s Pueblo Chieftain article featuring A is for Authentic.   Stay tuned for more press, pics, music and updates for this project and its Kickstarter campaign.  If you have not checked out the Kickstarter page for this project please do now.  You check it out here. 



Art Appreciation: “The Revengers” by Riki Takaoka

24 Nov

Today’s art appreciation blog comes from none other than Marcos’ partner in crime for his upcoming A is for Authentic graphic novel.  Here is a previously brand new promo image featuring Marcos’ real life childhood super hero team, The Revengers.



A is for Authentic Project Update #1 The Evolution of a Page

12 Nov

Here is our first project update.  The first image (moving clockwise from top left) is a picture of the original script for page 7 of chapter one.  Next is the rough (putting it nicely) sketch that Marcos made for Riki to use for the page.  Following that is Riki’s b&w line work  followed by the final page complete with colors by Riki and the script’s text.

Thanks for the support!  More artwork, story and music updates will be coming soon.  Here is the link to Kickstarter page for A is for Authentic if you would like to help back it.


A is for Authentic Front Cover Revealed

5 Nov

With the Kickstarter  campaign starting this Wednesday, Marcos released an image of the final front cover of the book that features stunning artwork by Riki Takaoka.   Check it out and be sure to back the project on Kickstarter later this week to help make it a reality.

Front cover for the A is Authentic graphic novel

– B. Rossin


Kickstarter Starts Next Week for A is For Authentic

1 Nov

Snapshot of Kickstarter page and a tease at the books front cover art.

Although we are still months away from the release of Marcos’ A is for Authentic Graphic Novel project, we are days away from the launch of the Kickstarter campaign that will make it possible.  Below is a pic from Marcos’ Instagram showing the Kickstarter progress.   Stay tuned for more info and some finished artwork!


2 New Beats Added to The Beat Shop!

28 Mar

Check out more at http://www.theblackoutbeat.com

B. Rossin

Beat Shop Clearance Sale Begins Next Week

9 Nov

Out with the old and in with the new.  In preperation for our Beat Shop revamp we will be selling all of our current beats on The Beat Shop for discounted prices.  “We want to restart The Beat Shop with a clean slate.  We’ve been extremely busy this summer  and this fall with all sorts of projects and our upcoming album, The Circus House.  Now that we are a bit more free we wanted to focus on really delivering with The Beat Shop.  We want nothing but our A game on there, fresh Blackout sounds that will be updated more often. ”  Said Marcos Garibay of The Blackout Beat.

Additionally, Marcos and Armando have stated that they will no longer sell what they called “generic Hip Hop tracks” on The Beat Shop.  “I think we are at a point in our careers now where we do not want to produce or record anything that we are not creatively involved in.  The Z-Hip Hop Tracks are appealing to some people but they are not representive of our sound or style.  So from now on its only Blackout.”  added Marcos Garibay.

The Beat Shop Clearance Sale will begin on Monday, November 14th and will last for two weeks.  All remaining tracks will be sold at a first come first serve basis.  Prices will be updated on Monday as well.  Its also worth noting that there will be sale specials that include: Buy One Get One Free and Exclusive Rights Beats for Lease prices.

-B. Rossin

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