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Frontin (cover) by Marcos & Mia B. from The Past is Prologue LP

29 Dec

Now that the box sets for Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue have been out for a while The Blackout Beat has begun releasing the album digitally.

This is The Blackout Beat cover / homage of Pharrell Williams’ classic hit Frontin from The Clones album.  . This song features Mia B. and Marcos Garibay over a Latin Pop beat (produced by Marcos) that pays tribute to The Neptunes through drum and guitar chords.

“The Neptunes played a huge part in inspiring Armando and I. They are part of the reason we are producers now. I always wanted to do some sort of tribute to them as a way to say thank you. Doing this cover with Mia was such a fun experience because we got to put our own twist on something that’s meant a lot to me. I hope you all enjoy our Frontin with a latin twist!”

-Marcos Garibay

From more from The Blackout Beat and Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue, be sure to check back here and at www.theblackoutbeat.com as well as FB: www.facebook.com/theblackoutbeat or twitter: www.twitter.com/theblackoutbeat


New Pharrell Package Arrives at Blackout Beat Studio via Quarterly

15 Jan

The newest package from Pharrell Williams and Quarterly just arrived at The Blackout Beat Recording Studio.  This mailing is a treat for all 5 senses.  The “Happiness’ poster” is my personal favorite and I’m torn between putting up in my home or in the studio!


Here is pic of our first Pharrell mailing which is equally awesome and inspiring.



Producer Gone Green

22 Apr

Producer….Legend….Artist….Fashion Designer….and now environmentalist. Pharrell Williams has certainly made his imprint in the music business and now he’s looking to making an impact in the movement to be more socially and environmentally conscious. Check out this video of him showing off his bionic yarn technology that will be used to make clothing from used bottles.http://ilovepwnage.com/player.swf?autoplay=0&Addr=MjAwNzg= Awesome to see people in his position using his power and money to do some good for the earth! -A.Garibay

Listen to Hard To Breate from TBA!!

29 Oct

Here is a brand new song from the December 3rd release of TBA. Listen to Hard To Breathe here!!


Blackout Beat Bio Updated

25 Oct

We have just updated our biography. You can read it by visiting the Bio page on our website. Check it out: