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Marcos on The Beat – June 2015

9 Jun



So far June has been a busy month for The Blackout Beat with shows, a upcoming release, three projects in the middle of production and a big submission!  Here is some video and audio of some of Marcos’ work over the last few weeks!


Emmett & Marcos Song Writing Session

14 Mar

Check out this short video of Emmett Collins and Marcos Garibay working on new music.


$100.00 4 Hour Recording Special Happening Now at Blackout Beat Recording Studio

25 Jan

IMG_3672If your a Colorado based artist looking for an affordable place to record your next project then be sure to check out this new promotion from The Blackout Beat.

4 hrs recording time + mixing for $100.00 at The Blackout Beat Recording Studio in Denver!
Contact us today for more info or to schedule your session!

Blackout Beat Dance Studio Instructor Spotlight: Ashley Crawford

1 Apr

535971_609570615738824_893530570_nAshley Crawford is The Blackout Beat Dance Studio’s Zumba and Flamenco instructor.  Come check out her Mon, Wed and Fri Zumba classes at 5:30 P.M.  and her Flamenco class Saturday’s at 12:15 P.M.  Next month she will also begin teaching a Beginners Belly Dancing class.  The Blackout Beat Recording and Dance Studio is located at 3459 Ringsby CT.  #115 Denver, CO 80216.

Ashley’s Classes:


Zumba at Blackout Beat Dance Studio is a fun and easy way to learn various dance routines while getting a great workout. Ashley Crawford’s instruction will help you learn basic steps to Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Samba, Belly Dancing, Bollywood, the Charleston, Pop, and other world music types.  As the Zumba craze grows, more dance styles will be brought into the studio from around the world.  Zumba is an excellent complement to any workout regimen, as it promotes agility and movement that are oftentimes hard to achieve through cardio or weight training alone. Zumba has helped America get excited about making a gym routine that is fun and creative, so drop the weights and join the party!


Flamenco at Blackout Beat’s Dance Studio is a great way to learn the fundamentals of this beautiful dance.  Ashley Crawford’s instruction will help you develop an understanding of the different styles and techniques of Flamenco. Ashley has been dancing Flamenco for years, and she has recently begun performing regularly at Local 46 in the Highland neighborhood. The art form of palmas (clapping), zapateado (foot work), castanets, fan work, and shawl work will be incorporated into the choreographies.  Since Blackout Beat’s encourages contemporary creativity, come and learn the gypsy style of Flamenco, with an urban twist!

About Ashley: 

Ashley Crawford was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  She is of Peruvian descent and grew up with a strong connection to her Latin roots. Ashley began to discover her flare for creativity at a young age, and was able to develop and foster it through a variety of outlets, most notably dance. She became fluent in the techniques of Mexican Folklore, Belly dance, Peruvian Folklore, and Flamenco.  She learned Peruvian Folkloric dances when she would visit Peru.  She started dancing Flamenco at age fourteen with Lisa Trujillo. Her love for it has grown over time, and she has been awarded the opportunity to perform on numerous occasions.  Recently, Ashley began holding regular performances at Local 46 with Flamenco guitarist Chris Vazqueze.  Ashley has performed Flamenco, Mexican, and Peruvian folklore at numerous cultural events including The Rodeo and the Cinco De Mayo celebration in Denver.

Ashley attended the University of Colorado, where she was able to further her creative endeavors through her studies of English Literature. As she pursued her degree, she continued to develop her dancing abilities. She took Flamenco classes with Pablo Rodarte. She also took Belly dancing classes and frequented salsa clubs. Ashley became interested in Zumba because it infuses dance styles from across the globe. She became certified to teach it with the desire to instill a passion for dance into others.  In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, discovering new music, and studying art. Ashley is an avid traveler and is fascinated by other cultures.  She enjoys being creative with dance and encourages others to incorporate their own dance styles and creativity into her classes.


Its also worth mentioning that the first class is FREE!   Call or stop by today to get more info or check out a class.  Stay tuned for more info on our other classes, schedule and instructors.

Snippet of Emmet Collins 1st Single “Mysterious” feat Baby H & Marcos

27 Mar

Finally the long awaited first single from Emmett Collins upcoming Blackout Beat produced EP.  Kind of reminiscent of some Danja/Timbo stuff.  Looking forward to hearing more from this project including the full version of this song, which will be available Friday as a free download from Blackout’s site.

-B. Rossin

New Short Documentary Video: Location, Community & Comics of The Blackout Beat

27 Mar

Here is the newest video in the series of short documentaries about The Blackout Beat.  This one covers the location, community and the love for comics that Armando and Marcos share and fuse into their work as producers.

-B. Rossin

Marcos Forming New Hip Hop Band, New Full Length LP on The Way

23 Mar

ImageWith The Circus House’s momentum, The Beat Shop and a host of other production and recording projects it’s hard to believe that Marcos would be able to fit anything else onto his already full plate.  But the truth is that the artist (or the Leo) in Marcos has been itching to get some new material out for some time.  “I’ve wanted to get some new solo music out since we started TBA.  The original intention of that project was that we would perform and promote it like an album and a group.  The Denver move and the lack of artist availability made it near impossible so eventually we moved on”.  Said Marcos Garibay about his creative itch.   The Circus House was the project that followed TBA.   Although Marcos wasn’t an artist or producer on the project it still kept him very busy via live performances, promotion and booking.  “It was a bit weird at the start of Circus House.  Not being a part of the music was an interesting experience but that was quickly overshadowed by the bigger picture.  It’s still Blackout and it’s still something that my name is attached to so it’s a priority to make it successful.”  said Marcos on The Circus House and his involvement.  

ImageAnd anyone who is a keen on Denver’s night life should be able to tell you that The Circus House is definitely something The Garibay brother take very serious.  “The Circus House is like The Blackout Beat’s N.E.R.D.,  its a way for us to show artists what we can do for them as well as make new fans for our production and music.  It’s also an extension of me and the artists on it.  I get a lot of artistic satisfaction from this project”  Said Armando Garibay on his brainchild, The Circus House.  “Its amazing how quick things started happening with the live show.  Things just really took off, and don’t get me wrong, that’s a good problem to have.   We are finally at a point now where we can sit still for a minute and really look at what works, what doesn’t and figure out the best ways to make the show a complete experience that is like nothing else out there.”  Said Marcos Garibay.  “And the more I thought about what Armando said about how The Circus House is a way for us to show artists what we can do for them, I thought that eventually we need to reach other audiences, with other genres of music that we do well.”  That time is now.

As Armando and Marcos prepare for “The Circus Retreat”, a short break from performing that will allow them to revamp the Circus House Show, Marcos has begun making some major moves that will lay the foundation for the second half of 2012.  In addition to the (spoiler alert) brand new recording studio, Marcos will head a brand new Blackout Beat group that will function as a performing band.  The almost nearly completed group consists of Marcos, R&B singer Emmett Collins, Female Rapper AC and a female singer and male rapper that will be announced in the next week.  The group will begin work on a full length album, as well as solo EP’s for the individual members.  The sound of the album is something that is being discussed right now.  “There are a lot of elements I’d like to put into the pot but I want to be very careful to not let the sound be to diverse.. I think TBA and Circus are as strong as they are because there is a sense of continuity.  But count on some of the drums and sounds that I’m known for to be there, just leveled up a bit.”  Said Marcos Garibay

Stay tuned for more info on this project as its developing quickly.  Also, next week we will feature an exclusive interview with Armando Garibay on all things Circus House.  

(see next blog for more on studio)

-B. Rossin

Screen Shots from “The Blackout’s Beat”

20 Oct

Just a day after the short film was announced (in yesterday’s blog post) we now have a bunch of brand new screen shots from the upcoming film.  Here are a few.  The entire collection can be viewed on The Blackout Beat’s official  Facebook page: Screen Shots from “The Blackout’s Beat” Documentary






Our New Downtown Denver Recording Studio

3 May

Here is a quick look at our new downtown Denver recording studio. The studio is located in the famous TAXI 1 building in the RiNo Arts District. We are still in the process of moving in and setting up but I think its decent enough to give you all a look. The studio area is located in the back and the front have is where we will conduct the day to day business of The Blackout Beat. We love the space and would like to show it to anyone who wants to come by. In the second week of June we will have our first open house in the new space. We’ll announce the date as soon as we figure it out!