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Mile Hi-Fi Reviews China Doll by The Circus House

5 Mar


Here is a great review of the new Circus House single, China Doll by Mile Hi-Fi.

There are numerous advantages of having the producer Garibay as the lead creative: the pristine production is palpable from the moment the track starts. Layers fade in and out of the main soundscape in tasteful ways, and there is a certain cohesiveness throughout

Click here for the full article and to hear the song!



Check Out The New Single from The Circus House

20 Nov

The Circus House is back!  Check out and download their new single What A Feeling now!  More Circus Hose music and news from their new album on the way soon!



Click, Click, Glow Music Video is Here!!!

2 Jul

Here is the music video for Click, Click, Glow!  This song is Marcos’ first single off his album, The Past is Prologue!  It features The Circus House and James Hurtado.  Please enjoy and share so we can help spread the word and excitement about this song and project 🙂


You can also download the song for FREE here:

Circus House CDs Now Available!

8 Jan

Our new Circus House CDs will be available at our next live show.  Stay tuned for more info 🙂



Blackout Beat Sound Cloud Page Updated With New Music & Older Classics

7 Jan

Be sure to check out and follow our Soundcloud page to hear some of our classic hits like Juan Alvarez’s “Sangre Canela remix” and new tracks like Marie Robertson’s “Dancing Alone”.  We will be updating this regularly so be sure to check back or follow!



Emmet Collins and Marcos in The Studio

17 Dec

Marcos and Emmett back to work on new music for Emmett’s new project.  Stay tuned for more!


Song of the Week: Mariah Carey and Miguel – Beautiful

6 May

Check it out.. I’m still getting into it but I can say that its way better than that other 1st single Mariah released a few months back.  You know, the one with the boxing gloves.


Brian Michael Bendis All New X-Men Review

14 Nov

Like many X-fans, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen’s All New X-Men title as part of the new Marvel Now initiative.  Avengers VS. X-Men left a sour taste in my mouth (more on that in older posts), it left me less than excited to see what else was in store for the mutants.  Thankfully A VS. X Consequences did a lot to redeem Cyclops, the character everyone had major issues with.  This made it much easier for jades fans like me to go into All New X-Men with a optimistic perspective.

I have to say that I’m really digging this title.  The art is great to look at and Brian’s writing seems to work really well with  The X-Men.  It really does seem like he gets and cares about these characters.  To me that is more important than any action packed or elaborate story line.  So with that said, I can say that I’m confident future issues will only get better and more exciting.  The pace of the story was quick and I really enjoyed seeing multiple takes and perspectives on the state of mutant kind.  Although the book seemed to short I can take comfort in the fact that issue two comes out in just two weeks.


Although I’m looking forward to the adventures of Jean Grey and the rest of the original team, I must admit that I’m more personally invested in February’s relaunch of The Uncanny X-Men by Bendis and Chris Bachalo.  The book will focus on Cyclop’s team and his “revolutionary” exploits.  Cannot wait for this!


Nelly Furtado’s The Spirit Indestructable is Out Now!

24 Sep

I know we are a week late on this one but we finally got around to listening to the whole record. Even with Timbo absent from the producer list the album is still fantastic.  Definitely a solid piece of work.  There is a lot more of that folksy sound that everyone missed on Nelly’s last record.  Check it out and hear it for yourself!  Big Hoops, Hold Up, Don’t Leave Me and Something feat. Nas are some of my favorite tracks so far!



New Hey Reverb Article from Denver Post about Emmett Collins & Blackout!

17 Sep


Check out the article here:  http://www.heyreverb.com/blog/2012/09/17/steal-this-track-the-yawpers-and-emmett-collins/55349/    and be sure to download the entire album for free at theblackoutbeat.com.


-B. Rossin