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Empire Reveals 25 X-Men DOFP Covers

28 Jan

Yesterday was a great day for mutant fans everywhere as Empire and the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past revealed 25 different covers featuring all the main characters in the upcoming blockbuster “in-between-quel”. We are having some trouble posting embedded code with  all covers but you can check them all out here.  I posted a few of my favorite ones in this post.   Hopefully we will see a new trailer soon.




VOTW: Full Trask Industries Promo Video (from The Wolverine)

30 Jul

For those of you who nearly pissed your pants watching the mid credits scene in The Wolverine you might have noticed a curious little video playing as Logan navigated his way through airport security.  Here is that full video, which is amazing!  The future is coming and Days of Future Past will be amazing.  For more on Trask Industries and their sinister Sentinel program be sure to check out http://www.trask-industries.com