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FREE Song Friday: TBA (whole album!)

19 Jul

FREE Song Friday is back with another big release: The entire TBA album from 2011!  Enjoy the sound of our past as we pave the way for the future!  




FREE Song Friday: OD feat. Jerimiah Perez

26 Apr

OD feat. Jerimaiah Perez is off off our 2010 TBA album. This is one of my all time favorite songs that we have produced. The writing, the way Jerimiah rides the track and the track itself are all things I never get sick of.   It has a David Bowie vibe as well as that classic pre-Circus House Armando sound. For more please check us out at www.theblackoutbeat.com orfacebook.com/theblackoutbeat



Emmett Collins Performs at Blackout Beat Grand Opening Party

8 Apr

New Snippet of Reflecshaun Single “All Coming Back to Me”

3 Apr

Snippet of Reflecshaun’s new single “All Coming Back to Me” off his LoveHate album produced by The Blackout Beat. The song features female Hip Hop artist AC and Abigail Freed (of The Circus House) singing a fresh take on a familiar Celine Dijon chorus. The full song will be released in the next month!

New Blackout Beat Produced Project by Marie Robertson to be Released in May

2 Apr

REDCoverAlthough Singer/Song Writer Marie Robertson is no longer performing with The Circus House she still has new Blackout Beat produced music that will be released in May.  The project is simply called “RED” and it features unreleased tracks from Armando’s Circus House sessions and new material that she did with Marcos after the release of the first Circus House album.  The project also includes a remix of “Keep on Dancing” by Marcos Garibay.  Guests on the project included Reflechaun, AC and Marcos Garibay.  The first single off the record is expected to be released in the next week or two.


Marcos & Armando Back in The Studio

21 Mar

Even though the grand opening is a week away Armando and Marcos have already begun working in their new space with Abby (from The Circus House) and Emmett Collins.  I think its safe to say that we can expect to hear some new Blackout Beat music at the grand opening party!  Stay tuned for pics and video.

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– B. Rossin

Read First 13 Pages of Marcos’ A is for Authentic Graphic Novel Now Free!

11 Dec

1Download the first 14 pages from Marcos’ A is for Authentic graphic novel now!  This introductory story introduces Marcos, his family and sets the tone for the first part of the book.  Words by Marcos Garibay and stunning artwork by Riki Takaoka.  If you have not yet supported this project via Kickstarter you can do so by clicking here.

Click  on this link  A_is_for_Authentic_Preview1  the right click on the link again on new page and save as.


-The Blackout Beat

AC Working with The Blackout Beat

10 Dec

photoIMG_9097Denver’s hottest female MC has recently been putting in hours at The Blackout Beat recording studio.  Thus far, she was recored material with Marcos for his A is for Authentic soundtrack, Reflecshaun’s LoveHate EP,  a collaboration with Abigail Freed of The Circus House and a collaboration for the upcoming “Red” EP from The Blackout Beat and singer Marie Robertson.  AC has also contributed material for a new song that will appear on the new Circus House album.  Sound clips more updates coming soon!

-B. Rossin

A is for Authentic Front Cover Revealed

5 Nov

With the Kickstarter  campaign starting this Wednesday, Marcos released an image of the final front cover of the book that features stunning artwork by Riki Takaoka.   Check it out and be sure to back the project on Kickstarter later this week to help make it a reality.

Front cover for the A is Authentic graphic novel

– B. Rossin


Download Mysterious The R&B EP now for FREE!

23 Jul

Mysterious is here!

Mysterious is the bold debut of Denver native Emmett Collin’s fresh take on the R&B genre. Collins teamed with Denver production duo The Blackout to create a sound that pays homage to late 90’s R&B (think Timbaland, Aaliyah & Ginuwine) while at the same time remains new, original and free of the radio format.

Note: you can download the digital CD book at this page: http://theblackoutbeat.com/music.html

-B. Rossin