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Marcos on The Beat – June 2015

9 Jun



So far June has been a busy month for The Blackout Beat with shows, a upcoming release, three projects in the middle of production and a big submission!  Here is some video and audio of some of Marcos’ work over the last few weeks!


Emmett & Marcos Song Writing Session

14 Mar

Check out this short video of Emmett Collins and Marcos Garibay working on new music.


New Beats, New Songs in The Works

7 Dec

The Past is Prologue: Making The Album Through Eyes of Marcos Garibay

18 Jun

Behind the scenes look at the making of Blackout Beat producer Marcos Garibay’s album, The Past is Prologue from his perspective via this collection of Instagram videos taken in during the time span of 10 months. The album will be released in June of 2014 for more info please check out:



Why You Should Take Zumba @ The Blackout Beat Dance Studio

12 Aug

Yoga instructor Robin Thorpe explains how Yoga can be beneficial for people and how it has helped her. To try out her class go to http://www.theblackoutbeat.com/dance to learn more about our schedule and other great classes!

POTW – Lara Gallegos in The Studio

7 Aug


Lara Gallegos in the studio with Marcos.

Lara Gallegos in the studio with Marcos.

IMG_2154Yesterday Lara Gallegos came throughThe Blackout Beat Recording Studio for a session with Marcos to work on his upcoming A is for Authentic comic book soundtrack.  The two finished vocals on two new Merengue style tracks.  Expect to hear one of these songs, “This is How We Get Down” in the coming weeks as it will be the soundtracks first single that will appear along with the first issue.

Pic of The Week: “Beat Day”

22 May

Armando and Marcos spend last Saturday working on beats out of home and The Blackout Beat Recording Studio. 33264de793756f3b513bd576d33316baeb543984dcbbe6546bc2af1646e81b3b

Picture of the Week: “Relaxed Work Environment”

15 May
"Relaxed work environment" taken at Blackout Beat Recording and Dance Studio.

“Relaxed work environment” taken at Blackout Beat Recording and Dance Studio.

Snippet of Emmet Collins 1st Single “Mysterious” feat Baby H & Marcos

27 Mar

Finally the long awaited first single from Emmett Collins upcoming Blackout Beat produced EP.  Kind of reminiscent of some Danja/Timbo stuff.  Looking forward to hearing more from this project including the full version of this song, which will be available Friday as a free download from Blackout’s site.

-B. Rossin

New Short Documentary Video: Location, Community & Comics of The Blackout Beat

27 Mar

Here is the newest video in the series of short documentaries about The Blackout Beat.  This one covers the location, community and the love for comics that Armando and Marcos share and fuse into their work as producers.

-B. Rossin