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Marcos Working on New Projects

15 Sep


Humble beginnings of new Emmett Collins album and #ThePastIsPrologue2.  Yup, there is a part 2.  More info soon 🙂



Circus House Performs at Larimer Lounge This Saturday

21 Aug

Be sure to check out this Saturday’s show at Larimer Lounge as The Circus Hose opens up of rThe Black Kids.  You can view the Facebook event page here for more information! 


Dance Intermission Remix Music Video!

31 Jul

Here is the second music video from The Past is Prologue!  “It’s a fun departure that was intended to be a positive mood boosting break from you day.” Said Marcos Garibay.  Stay tuned for more music videos from this album including: HolographicLove, With You, and More Than This Dance.

Video: The Circus House Perform Old Star at Larimer Lounge

9 Jul

Check out this great performance from The Circus House at Larimer Lounge from their June 24th show!


Work Begins on New Circus House Album

8 Jul

Yes!  Just as The Blackout Beat preps to release Emmet Collin’s R&B and Reflecshaun’s Hip Hop EPs, we have news that Armando is already in the studio recording vocals and banging out beats for the follow up Circus Houses self titled first album.  The sound is the continued evolution of the organic dance pop that Armando made popular with hits like “Keep On Dancing” and “Messy Heart”.  The new album will feature new artists in addition to singers Marie Robertson and Abby Freed.  Stay tuned as new sounds and details emerge.

-B. Rossin

Musical Clouds

22 Apr

Check out the SoundCloud of Armando Garibay from The Blackout Beat! I regularly upload new and old Blackout songs along with new instrumentals and beats in progress (remixes soon!). So be a man….step up to the plate….love your life and listen to some good music!