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The Circus House to Perform July 2nd at Larimer Lounge for Shady Elders Show

25 Jun

11407010_892071664172399_1796729098635410479_nMake sure you get your tickets for The Shady Elders Show at Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado for the July 2nd Shady Elders Show!  The Circus House will be opening!  You can check out music from The Shady Elders here. 


Sufjan Stevens is Slowing Becoming Beyonce

31 Jul

Even though the tour behind  The Age of Adz is coming to an end, Sufjan Stevens is incorporating something new into the show…choreography. Mr. Stevens’s tour  is known for the unexpected/weird..neon costumes and robotic moves, but the recent addition of choreography proves my theory that Sufjan is one step closer to becoming Beyonce. Here is my evidence. A. Garibay

Blackout Beat Sponsoring Colorado Folklorico Dance Group Tour

19 Jul

Ballet Colores Latinos in their prime.

Its no secret that folklorico dance has played a major role in our past and our past involvement in it is one of the biggest reasons we are wound working in the music industry.  But for those of you who don’t know here is a brief explanation of our folklorico past.  I felt it was important to explain this because it would give you a better idea of how important it is for us to help keep this art form alive.

Many years ago, during our elementary through middle school years, our mother created her own folkorico dance company.  We lived in the small Colorado mountain town of Durango at the time.  It was a culture shock to say the least.  We were used to shopping malls, rush hour traffic and everything else a bustling city could offer.  Durango was the opposite.  We didn’t have many things to do or places to visit.  We didn’t even have cable TV most of the time!  Somewhere in this void of inactivity my mother decided she would start her own folklorico group in Durango.

In her college years my mother spent many hard hours learning this beautiful art form in between studying and participating in protests and building take overs.  After years of being away from dancing she decided that Durango would be a great place to start dancing again.  It started out as a hobby that helped her pass the time and it grew into a passion that ultimately consumed and claimed her life.  My mother’s dance group, Ballet Colores Latinos evolved to a point were we were performing in states outside CO, had dozens of members, a second group in  another town, our own tour bus (camper) and a wall full of newspaper articles and awards.  I think its safe to say that my mother accomplished her goal with the dance group, which was to spread our culture and expose new people to an art form that meant the world to her.  The evidence of this is in the new dance groups that have poped up in the area since we left Durango.  We were the area’s first and only group during our years.

For me the group meant so much more than spreading culture.  It became our extend family.  Most of my memories of the dance group involve great meals with members of the dance group, goofing off during practice or playing after practice.  But most importantly, being a dancer in my mother’s folklorico group introduced me to dancing, performing and music.  I can honestly say that there wouldn’t be a Blackout Beat if it wasn’t for Ballet Colores Latinos.

So with that said, I’d like to announce that we are sponsoring a multi state tour for Pueblo,Colorado dance group Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico Huehuecoyotl.

Huehuecoyotl.  The fairly new group founded by Celina Martinez, has been doing large scale performances in Pueblo for the last few years.  Her elaborate productions incorporated dancers and musicians from Mexico as well as other local groups.  The quality and professionalism of her performances is both refreshing and inspiring.  Celina’s ambition is also reminiscent of my mother, the late Ramona Garibay.  Although we no longer dance folklorico we do support this art from and those who are in the business of taking it to new places.   Its for those reasons that we are sponsoring Celina’s summer tour that includes stops in Denver, Greeley, CO, Manhattan KS, Topeka, KS and Pueblo,CO.   In addition to financial support  The Blackout Beat and Garibay Law will be providing audio commercials, graphic work, out of state promotion and in state promotion.  For more on the tour please visit http://www.balletfolkloricohuehuecoyotl.com for more info!


Junior Boys Debut New Single

26 Apr

One of my favorite groups, The Junior Boys, released their new sing titled Banana Ripple.  This is the first single from their June 14th release, It’s All True. A tour in support of the album will follow…unfortunatenly not anywhere near Denver. Check out the song! junior-boys-banana-ripple


23 Apr

Ke$ha+Britney+Nicki Minaj= Some kind of remix

Good for Britney for joining forces with some of todays biggest stars. I give her (management) props for hooking up with the current music trends. I have loved her since 1998 but the lack of dancing and overall personality has been making me lose faith. I like my icons crazy and energetic. Gimme Britney circa 2004….until then…let’s keep dancing till the world ends. A. Garibay